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Welcome to CMS,

We believe in providing a new standard for internet marketing services. CMS or Content Management System is a framework that helps users publish more and better content. Our system not only makes it easy for users to publish content directly to marketing sites, but we also make it easy for people to share your content and increase your reach. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire web hosting services?

Your website is hosted in the Amazon Cloud. As a result, we can guarantee fast loading times, constant online accessibility and hourly backups. Additionally you also have the option of hosting your website with the web hosting service of your choice and have your CMS website pointed to your server. 

Do I need to buy any themes or additional programs for my website?

No additional programs are necessary, your website is programmed very flexibly so that the content as well as the structure can be adjusted easily according to your wishes. This means you can have totally different layouts and applications to test what works best. 

Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, we offer creative services to our members to develop more web pages, video presentations, and ad campaigns. 

What if I am just starting and don't have anyone to help me?

We offer a comprehensive business development plan, we will make sure your website looks ideal to help you get more clients so you can grow your team as your business grows.

Do I need to have technical skills or know any coding?

We provide a simple and straightforward system that allows anyone to publish any type of media on the web with no need of any technical skills, we also have tutorial videos always available and easily accessible. 

What if I already have a website?

We will transfer the content of up to 10 web pages of your current website at no cost and will charge $15 USD for any additional pages. We will also configure every page to target keywords on search engines and to keep any social validation you may already have (such as Facebook page likes)

Can you configure email accounts?

Yes, we can configure as many email accounts your business needs and also have it forwarded to any service such as Google Apps, Zoho, Outlook, and more.

Do you provide reports?

 You can keep control of your budget and the progress of your project through your own dashboard in CMS, we also integrate our system with Google Analytics which provides all the relevant data of your website in real time.

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