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Borderleads is based on one very direct concept: providing high quality products that sell. This provides our affiliate members a peace of mind that they won’t be wasting their time promoting any of the products that are present on this online site.

Since we have lifetime tracking, you can get paid for months and even years from, from just one single promotion that you send out. It is only fair!

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As you can already conclude, as a Borderleads' affiliate, you will be able to earn an extra income from your website or just by sending emails without having to invest time and effort in creating your own products, worrying about customer service, keeping records of stock, or etc. We have already done this. The hard work is done! All you have to do is promote. Since our products are of high quality and a necessity in this day and age, they will literally sell by themselves once you introduce them to your audience. 

Sign up and start! It is as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

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How Does Borderleads' Affiliate Program Work?

Borderleads' affiliate program functions in a very flexible way. All you have to do is sing up and select the product(s) that you want to promote. Right after signing up, you will be able to find your individual affiliate link in your personal dashboard. You can share this link by itself or disguise it with one of Borderleads' banners and peel-away ads, on your blog or online site. You can even email the link to your subscribers.

Automatic Commissions

As soon as someone clicks on the link, banner, or peel-away ad, they will automatically be registered on the Borderleads' site, which means that as soon as they purchase a product, you will receive an automatic commission. In this day and age, the products Borderleads offers are a necessity, so you are really making a smart move by associating with Borderleads, as there is a lot of commission potential.

Process for Affiliates

  1. Sign up with Borderleads is 100% free. Yes, you don’t have to pay one single penny in order to start making money with Borderleads.
  2. Utilize Borderleads' banners, links, and etc. in order to promote the products. Remember, people are very visual, so we highly recommend that you utilize banners so that you can attract as many potential buyers as possible and thus be able to make more commissions. The Borderleads banners can be placed under and around the content of your pages. This will help give a better look to your website. Contrary to popular belief, banners can instantly catch the attention of website visitors. There are some online sites that only make money from affiliate ads; some of them tend to make thousands of dollars every month.
  3. Generate referrals and start making money. The money you can garner from being an affiliate with Borderleads doesn’t have a limit. You can make from a few bucks, a couple of hundreds, or many thousands of dollars. It’s up to you. Remember, in order to be successful in life, you have to integrate true passion into anything you decide to undertake. 

When it comes to promo tools, you name it, Borderleads has it, from coupons, images, email copy, banners, direct links, and etc. With these tools, promoting the Borderleads products the effective way—has never been easier.

Requirements That Needs to Be Met in Order to Become a Member:

•Borderleads sends commission payments to members via Pay Pal. If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, you can open one in just a few minutes . . . it is 100% FREE.

•To promote Borderleads' products, you are not allowed to utilize spamming and you cannot cheat the system in order to attain commissions. You are only allowed to utilize ethical and legal methods when you promote any one of our products.

•If you personally try to purchase one of our products through your own affiliate link, you will not be credited. 

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