The internet’s greatest innovation is that it helps people find exactly what they are looking for, now a days search engines have become an important part of people’s lives. This is why you must start a website thinking about providing solutions to what people are looking for online.

With almost 85% of Internet users accessing search engines to find products and services each day, web sites that are not in the Top 10 search engine rankings are missing out on a lot of business.

SEO is a process designed to ensure that your web site ranks as highly as possible in major search engines like Google

Organic SEO is a long-term benefit and it will significantly increase the return in investment of your website. Unlike a popular belief, SEO is not about tricking the search engines. Successful SEO is all about ensuring that the relevant content is delivered to those who search for it

SEO offers many advantages over traditional methods of advertising. When you succeed in optimizing your page for search engine results, you have also succeeded in making a page that iconsidered to be relevant and valuable to the search topic. One of the most important things about SEO, is the fact that it is self-motivated, directed advertising. Essentially, no one wants to be bombarded with ads and links when they don't have time or aren't in the mood. With SEO, however, your prospective customers are already searching for you, and when they find your page, they'll be pleased and grateful.

No matter how much money you're spending on advertising, it isn't bringing you anywhere near the bang for the buck that organic SEO services can do for you. Unlike having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and pay-per-click online marketing strategies, organic SEO uses techniques that are approved, and even endorsed, by all of the major search engines.

At first SEO may feel like a huge scary world full of big words web crawlers, PageRank, Meta tags, and algorithms. You've never heard of any of these things..

Sit back, take a deep breath, and try to relax. SEO is a lot simpler then you might think. First things first.

PageRank is simply the program Google designed to rank webpage's. PageRank operates on a link analysis and is credited for Google incredible success.
Each of the results found on a google search are arrange by highest PageRank. So it’s important to know how to get PageRank to your site and how to increase it.

Each page on your website has a different PageRank for example your "Home" page can have a page rank of 40 while your "About Us" page have a page rank of 30. Since each page has their individual pagerank you can target different keywords and make your pages appear in different search results. I have seen website where they pack their home page with many keywords and worry only about their home page rank and forget about the other, This Is actually one of the main misconceptions people have about their websites and why many new websites fail.

But how can you increase page rank, well some aspects of SEO simply can’t be ignored.

For instance, keywords –If you want your SEO to work, you absolutely must understand how keywords work, these are the words and phrases that people will put into search engine to find what they need.. If you choose keywords, you’ll definitely increase traffic to your website. this will give you more page views, click-throughs, and sales.

Link building is another very important part of the SEO process. Your site need to have a lot of other websites linking to it, , this will increase your visitors by a lot. The reason for this is that search engines take links as positive referrals to your web site. Their logic is that if other people are linking to your site, there must be something worthwhile there. As such, more links will lead to a higher rank in search engine results.

Social media is another way your site can increase its relevance, search engines now pay close attention to how your site is doing with social media, web pages that have been share by more people give more validation to the content of your site helping you receive more page rank. Its very important to ensure your site can be easily shared on social media channels such as facebook twitter and google+

Another way to get SEO advantage is by checking how your SEO is going. After all, what good is SEO if you can’t tell if it’s working? In today’s hectic world, you can’t afford to waste time or money on SEO that’s not going to get results. So, you should be sure to check your web site’s ranking in search engines, as well as check keyword trends to make sure your site stays relevant.

Learn more about Web analytics tools that can help you keep track of how your SEO plan is working. These services track all kinds of data – such as which keywords are leading people to you, the numbers of people visiting based on keywords, and which search engines are leading to your site.
Visit our “how to sell online” video series to find out about setting up your online business with a step by step guide to optimize your site, follow the link below to access this guide now.


The Best Up-To-Date SEO Advice

Today, a lot of people are interested in what SEO is and how it can benefit you're web pages. Yet, a lot of people are hesitant towards using SEO for themselves. If you want to learn more about how you can use search engine optimization, then this will serve as a good place for you to get started.

One tip for better SEO is to make sure you have an awesome website. You want to make sure you have one of the best sites in your field. Every day you should be working to make sure it is the best site that it can be.

Optimize your network

Below is a link you can use to run a scan and find out how your business is found on all major networks. Facebook is a great place to start, open your Facebook page and make sure your website url is displayed in your profile page. Then open all kind of profiles everywhere, is important to keep consistency on all your business profiles to ensure better ranking so use the same or similar categories, business description and so on. Always make sure your url is somewhere on your profile otherwise this is not going to work.

You should think about sending out press releases locally and/or nationally whenever you have something new with regards to your site. There are a number of submission sites that range from niche focus sites to geographic focused. If you do, it is a great idea to syndicate your press releases as a means of improving your SEO strategy. Remember consistency is what helps search engines know what your website is all about.

To increase your traffic, create content that you could share in other sites or that people want to link to. You can attract people with pictures and diagrams, 'how to' articles or a list of top 10 tips. Once you find a method that works, keep creating content using the same structure. Provide useful information that people will be interested in enough to create a link to it.

Site optimization

By careful and attentive tweaking your website content and page tags, webmasters can greatly boost their websites' position on search engine results pages. It is important that they earn these favored positions, though. A site that is tweaked into high standing on the results pages will get a lot of traffic - but it will not keep any of it if its content is sub-par. Content is king.
When providing information to a reader you also want to provide them with links to find out more elsewhere. What you want to supply is the answer, and that answer must be comprehensive. If there is an awesome site which extensively chronicles the point you are trying to make, that's a great value added item to place in your article on that topic. Google will believe the reader found what they wanted on your website as they didn't go back to the search engine results page.

With the information you just learned, I trust you're going to want to get into SEOas soon as you can. The sooner you start using SEOfor your web pages, the sooner you're going to see results. Remember to also keep on the lookout for more information whenever you can, so you can always be up-to-date with all there is to know about search engine optimization.

Our professional SEO service takes a holistic approach to boosting a web site's rankings. The steps that we take often include:

* Performing key word research to identify the most popular search terms Internet users are entering to find the client's products and services.

* Optimizing the web site's content pages by adding those key words, in a relevant and proper manner, to the copy that appears on each page.

* Optimizing the web site's HTML source code to accentuate those key words and to make sure that search engine crawlers will have no problem fully indexing each page on the target web site.

* Develop and implement a web site linking strategy that creates both inbound and outbound links to and from other web sites that are relevant to the client's web site but are not competitors.

* Providing the client with regular search engine placement reports that demonstrate how well their organic SEO services are performing.

* Being proactive when it comes to adjusting and fine-tuning each web page in order to ensure that it continues to maintain a top rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

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